Kansas Gun Shows

Famous for our Homemade Pies!

About us

We've been hosting guns shows since 1996! Most of our shows are in smaller communities and towns.

Our admission fee is usually only $5.00 per person and children 12 and under are Free!

Our Gun Shows range from about 40 tables to 200 tables depending on the location.

We also advertise small shows on this website for the Masons and other such non-profit 501(c)3 community organizations in Kansas.


BETTER DEALS: Most consumers enjoy our "smaller" shows, because of the "better" deals and "cheaper" prices for merchandise. Since our booth fees for the dealers are far cheaper than the "bigger" shows in the city, the dealers do not have to mark their merchandise up as much and pass those extra and higher fees onto the consumer through their sales.


Our concessions are famous for our home-made pies and other home-made food and goodies, that you just won't taste in the city! The ladies at the concession stand have been cooking for the local church potlucks for years, so you know how good it is! Plus, a cup of Coffee is only 25 Cents!

Come out and enjoy the Show, we'd love to have ya!